Furniture Care

- Regularly dust with a soft duster.
- For varnished wood (satin or gloss), use a slightly damp sponge if very dusty, then dry with a lint-free cloth. Use silicone-based aerosol care for shine.
- For matte varnished wood, avoid wax and direct sunlight.
- Waxed wood needs weekly dusting with a spray polish and occasional wax application.
- Lacquered/painted wood should be wiped frequently with a damp cloth.
- Protect outdoor glass tops from damage and scratches.

Metal and Other Materials:
- Zinc requires continuous care, avoid scratches and acidic foods.
- Synthetic coating needs regular dusting and occasional damp cleaning.
- Engraved metal should be dusted and cleaned with a damp sponge.
- Painted metal can be cleaned with water or an alcohol-based cleaner.
- Composite materials should be cleaned with non-abrasive soap and avoid acidic stains.

Soft Furnishings:
- Non-removable fabrics need professional cleaning for stains.
- Removable covers can be dry cleaned or machine washed at 30°C.

Hide Rugs and Furniture:
- Vacuum or brush regularly, wipe spills immediately with water, and air dry naturally. Avoid exposure to light and heat, no soaps or creams.

That covers the basics for caring for various furniture materials!